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  • Browning Dark Ops Pro Dual Lens Nano (BTC-6DCLN)

Browning Dark Ops Pro Dual Lens Nano (BTC-6DCLN)

NEW model

The updated Dark Ops Pro DCLN has a new, more compact housing and the most robust feature set in our Dark Ops camera series. These cameras feature a high-performance Invisible Infrared Illumination System to increase picture quality and range at night like never before, and wildlife or trespassers on your property are unable to detect the camera while capturing images are videos.

The Dark Ops Pro DCL Nano also features “Dual Camera Lens Technology”. This feature incorporates a custom tuned daytime camera lens to produce razor sharp daytime images, while the dedicated night camera lens takes incredibly clear nighttime photos. This camera packs all the performance you would expect with 26 MP picture quality, 4K video with sound, lightning fast 0.15 second trigger speeds, and superior battery life. Additional features include SD Card Management options and Smart IR video to keep recording game during the daytime as long as it’s in motion. The Dark Ops Pro DCL Nano is compatible with up to 512GB SD cards and delivers the best battery life on the market.

Idea camera for monitoring game animals or as a Security application.

Camera weatherproof rating: IP65

This product is covered by a Two-Year Warranty.

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