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  • UOVision Compact 4G LTE

UOVision Compact 4G LTE "CLOUD"

Cloud Technology.

20MP 4G LTE Cellular trail/security camera that sends and stores photos and/or short video clips via the Cloud Platform.

Easy Setup via the LinckEazi Web-Portal and the Mobile App. Fast photo/video transfer via the 4G LTE network.

FREE monthly plan offer with unlimited Cloud storage space and 10 days picture/video clip history or Sign up to the “Cloud Service Plan” which starts from as low as 1.99 Euro per month to access unlimited picture/video clip storage history.

Can record short video clips with audio in WVGA, 720p or 1080p quality to the Web-Portal where it can be viewed and download to a computer/laptop.

The Compact LTE 4G is equipped with the latest GPS tracking chip technology. Accurate to within 4 metres.

Invisible 940nm “Black Flash” leds for night-time recording.

This camera does not feature a built-in viewing/display screen, so all camera settings are controller via the LinckEazi App or LinckEazi Web-Portal.

Fast 0.4 sec trigger speed, can record 1080p/720p HD video with sound, multi shot photo burst, SD card overwrite, selectable Start-Stop operating period or the default 24/7 operating period, long range detection plus much more.

Please Note: Works best nationwide with Vodafone or 2-Degrees. Camera does NOT Support Spark NZ.

Idea camera for monitoring game animals and as a Security application.

This product has a One Year Warranty.

Camera weatherproof rating: IP66

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