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  • Spypoint Steel Security Box #SB-200

Spypoint Steel Security Box #SB-200

Main features:

  • Steel security box
  • Fits all 42 LED Spypoint cameras
  • Removable front part for easy access
  • Holes on back to insert cable-lock (CL-6FT)
  • Holes on back to screw box for better security
  • Hole on front to install lock

Item Description:

Protect your investment with this rock-solid, all-steel security box! The removable front panel makes setup a breeze!

The SB-200 is an armored shell for your camera. It keeps your SPYPOINT camera secured and protected from both damage and theft.

Fits all 42 LED SPYPOINT cameras including the FORCE-10; FORCE-11D; SOLAR; LINK-EVO; LINK-S & SOLAR-W cameras.

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