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Parabeam Driveway Alarms

New Zealand’s Number 1 Driveway Alert System ---- Parabeam® Wireless Driveway Alert / Perimeter Alarm products are the perfect solution for remotely monitor lifestyle blocks, properties with long or concealed driveways, sheds, farms, fuel storage facilities, orchards, nurseries, car yards, golf courses, sports fields, businesses needing yard or compound security etc. The detection device is a professional, solar recharging, point-to point infrared beam, NOT to be confused with unreliable PIR sensors. Parabeam® driveway alert systems are hand assembled in New Zealand and are a DIY installation whenever the application is basic. Never miss another visitor, customer or intruder again...every home and business needs one!
  • Parabeam Standard – Two Zone Base Receiver

    On Special Monitors 1 or 2 zones (eg: entrance ways) 300-400m Range Perfect as a standard gate alarm for rural and…

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  • Parabeam® Megabeam Antenna

    On Special Product Highlights Extends the range between Base Receiver and any installed Beam-set up to 3x 8db overall…

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