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Miltronics Driveway Alerts

Miltronics Wireless Driveway Alert systems are the perfect solution for remotely monitor lifestyle blocks, properties with long or concealed driveways, sheds, farms, fuel storage facilities, orchards, nurseries, car yards, golf courses, sports fields, businesses needing yard or compound security etc. Miltronic’s has been manufacturing high quality Driveway Alert systems for over 25 years. All systems are DIY installation and very easy to setup. Never miss another visitor, customer or intruder again...every home and business needs one! “The source for high-reliability technology products and services, dedicated to Quality, Service, and Dependability”



  • Miltronic’s Driveway Alert® LR - DDA1000

    New Product for 2019 Deluxe Driveway Alert® LR is a wireless detection and monitoring system ideal for detecting…

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  • Miltronic’s Driveway Alert® EXT LR - DDA2500

    New Product for 2019 Deluxe Driveway Alert® EXT LR has an impressive 750 metre (2,500 feet) transmission distance.…

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  • Miltronic’s Infra-Red Sensor

    Additional Sensor to cover more property entry points. Sensor has a 40 degree field of view and a detection range of 10…

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  • Siren

    Extra Loud 119 decibel siren. 10 foot (3 metre) cable included. Quickly connects to Deluxe Receivers. Designed for…

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  • Fire Bell

    Extra loud Fire bell. Quickly connects to Deluxe Receivers. Designed for outside placement if desired. Sounds only…

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  • Double Adapter

    Short splitter cable. Allows two accessories to run from the one Deluxe Receiver audio jack. In Stock For product…

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  • Accessory Cable

    10 foot (3 metre) standard cable. Can easily be connected to one another to extend the cable length. In Stock For…

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  • Mini Buzzer

    A “mechanical” sounding buzzer. Enhances the sound of the Deluxe Receiver. Great for those who have lost…

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  • Doorbell Chime

    Quickly connects to Deluxe Receivers. Sounds only during signal transmission. Makes two distinct…

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  • External Buzzer

    A 108 decibel buzzer with on/off volume control. 10 foot (3 metre) cable included. Quickly connects to Deluxe…

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